OurCraving - an open project

Designed for restaurant discovery with friends based on each individual's craving

The Goals

Let us elaborate the goals of OurCraving and our intention of building it initially

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The Sources

Get access to the source code of OurCraving and learn about how it works

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The Knowledge

Follow our blogs to learn every technology we use in implementing OurCraving.

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Sharing is caring

The intent of OurCraving is helping food lovers to discover restaurants by sharing craving matches. In addition, friends share their interest so that a group can agree a place to go eat and each member knows what he or she would order beforehand. 

Keep learning, keep growing

The project Open OurCraving is designed to explore better user experience of restaurant discovery in the future. In addition, we want to foster learning by opening the source code and achieve growing through building this project with other people. 

Technologies used in OurCraving


  • C#
  • Code-First Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Web API RESTFul Services
  • OAuth2 
  • Linq


  • AngularJS
  • Less
  • Google Material Design
  • Google Map API
  • Factual API

Framework & Other

  • Generic Unit of Work Repository Pattern
  • Unity 
  • Facebook Authentication
  • Gulp
  • NStats