The Problems

The Interface

Existing restaurant discovery service providers, such as Yelp, Zomato, Foursqaure, and TripAdvisor, focus on cuisine finding and sophisticated filtering. 

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The Reading

Since most restaurant discovery sites collect reviews, it requires a user to do intensive reading to find the information he or she is really interested at. Among those content, some are redundant, some are irrelevant, and the worst is, some might not be real.  

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The Support to Group 

It is surprising that no other restaurant discovery sites have ever considered adding support to group of people to search together. 

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The Goals

The first goal is: we want to create a restaurant discovery site that allows group of people to look for where to eat together. Friends can exchange suggestion by sending only one single URL and vote for the place they are interested. When using any other service, a person must do all the work (reading), and this person will send all suggestions (each URL representing one suggestion) to his or her friends. An alternate is, if they are all standing in the street, and each person looks at their phone, they will show their phone screen to each other to exchange suggestion. 

The second goal is: we believe the site should be smart enough to display different results based on each person's craving. For example, without the need to manually filter the search results, the website can automatically show what content a person will be interested, even the record is from the same restaurant. 

There are other goals, but we will keep them away for now. 

After we start working towards those two goals, we realize that we need more help. That's why we decide to open our project.