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Source Code


OurCraving consist of back-end and front-end. 



The back-end is an ASP.NET Web API RESTful service built by Microsoft C#. The database we use is Microsoft SQL Server. We employ Generic Unit of Work Repository Pattern using EntityFramework. 

For authentication, we use Taiseer Joudeh's OAuth2 approach with our modification. 



We apply Google Material Design with AngularJS in the front-end. We use gulp to build and manage the deployment. 

Why Open?

There are two reasons why OurCraving becomes an open project: 

  1. We hope that anyone, who is interested in the technology stack we choose, can use this project to learn how to work them together. Indeed, there are some other great open source projects out there.

    For example, Voat is a very mature product; however they use Bootstrap and JQuery in the front-end. Telerik has a show case system, which use WEB API in the back-end and AngularJS in the front-end; however, it is not using Material Design and it has no an active site for demo purpose.

    Therefore, we find it is very intriguing to post our project and let everyone access our source code so that not only other people can learn from it, we can also learn from other people. 

  2. The second goal of opening OurCraving is to potentially attract contribution from smart people.

    We feel that we have a great idea, but we have limited time and manpower. If our initial direction of building OurCraving is interesting enough, people might provide a little help here and there, such as suggesting possible enhancement in the code, adding a small feature, refactoring, or just helping unit test.

    Whatever it is, any contribution will be greatly appreciated. 


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